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“The name Dürer obliges”

The printing house was established and named in 1935 by István P. Nagy printer, who was a great admirer of one of the greatest German painters and copper engravers Albrecht Dürer. Dürer’s goldsmith father was from the place of Ajtós, which is a part of Gyula city.
our story

Welcome the website
of Dürer Printing House!

Our company has all the necessary personal and technical conditions for continuing the Kner traditions and satisfying the most sophisticated requirements.
We provide for our clients full range of services, from the prepress stage to the delivery of the finished product. Our product line includes hardcover, flexible and softcover books, saddle-stitched publications, calendars, exercise books, magazines, marketing publications and digitally printed large format products.
Our machineries has been continuously updated and improved since 2001, so we are at the cutting edge of printing technology.
We have a constantly increasing number of clients, as we offer high-quality services, receive prestigious national and international awards year by year, and we are aware of the environmental aspects too.

Contact us and you won’t be disappointed!


András Hess Award

The Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers gave the Hess András Awards in the annual meeting on 15th May 2015. This year’s prize-winners is Zsuzsa Nagy bindery foreman of the Dürer Printing House.

Best Print Hungary

32 candidates entered
117 products for Best Print Hungary Competition 2015, which is the most prestigious contest of the Hungarian Printing Industry.

Dürer Ring appreciation

The appreciation is given to those employees, who contributed to the company successful operating with their conscientious, professional work.

Green Printworld Award

Following its launch in 2011, Green Printworld Award – published by Printworld professional journal - was assigned fourth time this year. Dürer Printing House has always paid attention to environmental protection during its operations.



Dürer Printing House Ltd.
5700 Gyula, Jókai street 5-7.

Phone: + 36 66 466 844
Fax: + 36 66 463 105
e-mail: durer@durer.hu