We can receive the contents of books prepared by our clients in digital format, on CD, DVD or FTP server. Meanwhile we still process traditional films as well.

CTP form making

The CTP (Computer to Plate) technology was introduced to the printing house in May of 2006. The state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to produce offset plates without preparing films. With the help of the CTP system supplied by KODAK Creo company, we are able to produce high quality plates in a shorter time period. The new technology provides an opportunity for the use of the Staccatto screen developed by KODAK Creo company during the printing process. The CTP machine has a direct, on line connection to the Heidelberg CD printing machine to ensure the exact transmission of  ink presetting data.

Our CTP form making equipment

  • PRINTERGY EVO PDF-JDF based workflow controller
  • KODAK MATCHPRINT INKJET 800 color and imposition proofer
  • KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 II QUANTUM platesetter with developer

Color management

The CTP form making and the offset printing are harmonized based on the principles of color management.

Conventional form making

Our colleagues are one of Hungary’s best film image assembling teams, during the past years they have won the honest respect or our clients several times. The offset plate is copied by placing the finished assembly on the positive offset plate, with the support of the UGRA control scale.

Our conventional form making equipment

  • COPYPLATE (950/2 MH5 KA) offset plate copy machines
  • O.V.I.T. offset plate developer